• “The rare singer who can negotiate tricky folk pop lyrics, art songs, and popular standards with equal authority and insight.”
    — Stephen Holden, The New York Times
  • “An astonishing talented singer-actor.”
    Time Out New York
  • “A big voice with a crystal clear delivery, but it’s her stylistic eclecticism that makes her truly matter.”
    New York Magazine
  • “One of the richest and most exciting instruments around.”
    Playbill Magazine
Judy Kuhn sings Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel
ALL THIS HAPPINESS Concert and Recording
“She applies her pitch-perfect voice to songs from other corners of the tunesmithing globe and from writers a Kuhn fan might not immediately associate with her. The sophistication here is so lavish you could spread it on a layer cake.”
— David Finkle, Huffington Post [Read Full Article]
“A deeply satisfying performance... Ms. Kuhn conveyed a great deal...without ruffling the beauty and steadiness of her singing.”
— Stephen Holden, The New York Times [Read Full Article]
“Judy Kuhn has brought a genuinely sophisticated show to Feinstein's. Kuhn, whose acting abilities run to the equally poetic, brings out those inestimable qualities in these tunes.”
— David Finkle, Theatremania[Read Full Article]
“...She’s an unqualified triumph in her beautifully poised, utterly relaxed and mellow London cabaret debut..what a voice she has. It has a vibrant clarity of tone, yet a quirky individuality in the directions it travels in. It’s as effortlessly executed as it is spellbinding to listen to.”
— Mark Shenton, The Stage (UK) [Read Full Article]
“A simply stunning evening in which Judy gives a lesson in concert performance and oozes effortless style which leaves the audience audibly begging for more. Faultless.”
— Christopher Owens, The Public Reviews (UK)[Read Full Article]
PASSION at Classic Stage Company
“As a musician, [Kuhn] inhales Sondheim’s score as if it were oxygen”
The New Yorker
“A pulsing collective fever dream ... As pale and skeletal as death’s handmaiden, [Kuhn] endows Fosca with a directness and honesty that makes her the most sympathetic — and perversely sane — I have seen.”
— Ben Brantley, The New York Times[Read Full Article]
“Give thanks the wonderful Judy Kuhn is on board... Amazingly, Kuhn stirs feelings of compassion for the repulsive Fosca. Her forthright musical delivery exposes the insatiable needs of this ravenous succubus. But the warmth in her rich, mellow voice is a kindness, revealing the suffering behind the mad acts of a desperate woman.”
SERIOUS PLAYGROUND: The Songs of Laura Nyro
“Ms. Kuhn, with an eight-member band augmented by a cello and two backup singers... came as close to channelling Ms. Nyro’s Essence of any performer I’ve heard...”
— Stephen Holden, The New York Times [Read Full Article]
“A classy and much-needed celebration of the unappreciated composer-performer Laura Nyro. Kuhn’s program, enhanced by a collection of suberb arrangements, brought out the soulfulness of Nyro’s Lyrics.”
“Kuhn brings an elegance to Nyro's songbook, but her interpretations aren't so refined that they fail to evoke some more of the earthy and jazz-influencedaspects of Nyro's legacy.”
The Washington Post[Read Full Article]
“Kuhn trains her emotional, often thrilling voice on finding the joy, depression, funk and enigmatic pulse of Nyro's distinctive songs. Jeffrey Klitz's arrangements and orchestrations don't try to modernize Nyro's songs but rather give them timeless sound that captures pop, blues, and great American balladry all at the same time.”
The Oakland Tribune
“Judy Kuhn has proved her magical way with a song time and time again, but mostly with more legit offerings. Now she brings that same skill to the songs of Laura Nyro and makes them shimmer just as attractively. ”
The Toronto Star
“['Save the Country' is] a tangy, sassy take on this timely Nyro song.”
USA Today>